12×16 Enrique Binitez 1960 Landscape Oil Painting


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Here’s a 12×16 original oil painting on board by Enrique Benitez circa 1960 titled: Mexican Landscape.

There was a 12×16 Enrique Benitez that sold for $12k Patio Interior at Morton Subastas on 4/27/17.

Enrique Benitez (1901 – 1980)
Enrique Benitez is known for paintings.

Born in the city of Puebla, in 1971, the son and grandson of famous painters, J. L. Poolho Benítez (1930-2001) and Enrique Benitez Nieto (1901-1980).
Began his career at an early age and exhibited his works in the best galleries in the Federal District, Mexico. since 1994, his technique is oil on canvas and knife handles. He likes to draw on Mexican culture and transmit it in his works abroad. His painting is very colorful and high impact.
Today showed his works at:
Mueblerías Elite, Polanco, Mexico.
Gallery Juan Courdourier, Zona Rosa, Mexico.
Hotel Nikko, Mexico.
Artist’s Statement
Roberto Benitez, I declare that my work is unique and not repeat the same painting, they have a certificate of authenticity signed before a notary. This in order that our customers have a unique gem and secure your investment.


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