48″ SSP 1930 Mrs. Tuckers’ Shorting Porcelain Sign


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Here’s a 48″ original SSP 1930 Mrs. Tuckers Shorting from Sherman, Texas Porcelain Signs made by Texlite Sign Co. Incredible graphic with a few small dime size spots with missing porcelain.

I also have two others another orange Mrs. Tucker like one and another Can of Shorting with all the info from this company.

History of Mrs. Tucker Shortening:
Mrs. Tucker’s shortening was first placed on the market in 1913 when kitchen work was mostly drudgery; and, during the last quarter of a century, this ever-improved shortening has played a large part in helping this section create a better market for its products, and in making cooking more certain and enjoyable.
Mrs. Tucker’s shortening was the first to carry on it containers “Made Exclusively From Choice Cotton Seed Oil,” and her policy of making only a pure, vegetable product has meant much to digestion and health in the Southwest. When housewives showed a preference for shortening in cartons of economy, Mrs. Tucker pioneered and developed air-tight inner seals of cellophane, which has made her product known as the “Shortening with the Silver Lining.”


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