Flying A Porcelain Sign

72″ DSP 1954 Flying A Special Porcelain Sign



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Here’s a 72″ or 6ft. org. DSP 1954 Flying A Service Porcelain Sign oil and gas company for dirt cheap! Super low on cash; need food money: paid over $5k. Has scratches three creases authentic! Call me to pay and ship, since I’m not sure if my website is ready to take in orders? $4200.

End of the world Fire Sale! Chris 469-360-4200 and shipping should be around $300 anywhere in u.s.a. maybe cheaper if close to Texas.

History: Tide Water was founded in New York City in 1887. The company entered the gasoline market and by 1920 was selling gasoline, oil and other products on the East Coast of the United States under its Tydol brand. In 1926, control of Tide Water Oil sold out to a new holding company, Tide Water Associated Oil Company, which also acquired a controlling interest in California’s Associated Oil Company. Soon thereafter, Standard Oil Company of New Jersey took control of the company. With the merger and creation of Tidewater Associated Oil Company, Flying A became the primary brand name for the company, though the Tydol and Associated names were also retained in their respective marketing areas. During the 1950s, the Associated and Tydol brands gradually fell into disuse, and were dropped entirely in 1956. BP acquired the Veedol brand when it bought Burmah-Castrol in 2000. In February 2011, BP announced that it would to sell the Veedol brand, which was subsequently acquired by Tide Water India, part of the Andrew Yule group Indian company.


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